FAZUP Anti-Radiation Sticker Patch SILVER (Single Pack)

FAZUP Anti-Radiation Sticker Patch SILVER (Single Pack)

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- The Fazup SILVER patch
- Positioning guide with 3 metal inserts to ensure proper placement of phone
- User guide with positioning guide coordinates 
- A small non-stick silicone utensil that can be used on the ‚Äėsticky‚Äô side of the patch in order to ensure the correct positioning of the patch in the positioning case

 The Fazup patch contains a passive antenna that interacts with the integrated antenna of the mobile phone. Fazup modifies the spectrum of radiation of the mobile phone in order to reduce as much as possible the emission of radiation towards your head when you call, and towards your body when you carry your phone on you

Unlike other devices, Fazup does not redirect the radiation towards the back of your mobile and does not increase the radiation on other surfaces. For this reason, Fazup can protect without exposing other body zones to radiation, or exposing other persons in your immediate vicinity.